8 left - FOIL - Death Cab for Cutie

$ 100.00

This art has had a long evolution. It was initially made as a sketch for Jack White in an all blue pallet but ended up not working for him and the image sat on the shelf for months until I decided to rework it for DCFC. The first thing I did was create a new color combination using warm jewel tones. I've drawn many owls but never one with a full spectrum of colors. The first version was so icy in tone that I wanted I wanted to do a 180 and really turn up the heat with this new version. I also felt that the narrative of the owl swooping in to grab its prey in the first version was too harsh so I wrote a story. In it, the owl is the hero and saves the rabbit from its demise at the final moment. This one might be my favorite piece of art I've made this year.


NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 10 screens /// 1-200 numbered sold at show (no foils at show) /// AP artist editions numbered 1-100 on metallic paper and 1-60 on marbled foil /// Show was October 19, 2022 in Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA