rose quartz to 24 - condition sensitive - thin paper

This is a pearlescent paper that resembles dyed newsprint. It is very thin and condition
sensitive so please be aware of that when buying.  The color itself is very cool and nostalgic tho.
It's unusual I create art based on the location of the show but these are strange years we're living thru. I've always kept a folder on my desktop of inspiring subject matter. These are things that may trigger future ideas: a majestic Sequoia tree in the Red Woods, a mother elephant, a bison looking out over a cliff's edge. Several of the images in the folder are of 30s-40s Hollywood Starlets including Judy Garland.  What's really striking and evocative is the expression on her face. It's youthful and optimistic. Her gaze is introspective and you feel a weight she's carrying beneath her eyes. And it's also tender. I felt many things looking at the photo that are hard to put into words. I just know that I felt something and wanted to communicate that feeling to you.
For Kansas residents you'll see the inclusion of the sunflower along with a vintage ad sheet modified in the background to include references to the Avett's music, Kansas lore and Oz references.
NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 5 screens /// show edition numbered 1-150 out of 200 & artists copies are signed and numbered 151-200  /// Original show date was October 1, 2021 at Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, KS