PEPPERMINT SWIRL - Cradle of Civilization - black to 10

This pin is a tribute to anyone who gave birth during the pandemic.  Elephants have one of the longest gestation periods of all mammals at nearly 2 years.  It was a long year for all of us.

This pin marks a sort of sea change for my larger pins.  A couple of adjustments/improvements I wanted to note: the pins all have a clear epoxy coating over the surface. This gives the art a more finished look and helps to minimize scratching and fingerprinting that may occur during handling.  The backside of the pins now are now hand signed by me. The elephant here was drawn exclusively for the enamel pin medium and doesn't exist in any other formats at this point.  I'm viewing these as art objects more than enamel pins and plan to continue pulling out all the stops in production as I try and master this medium.

NOTES: 5 inches wide /// soft enamel with glitter fills and various metals /// backside features quadruple posts with rubber clutches and signature with logo mark /// printed with friends at Alchemy /// editions are as follows: DREAMSICLE to 75 on black nickel • ZIGGY to 50 on anodized metal • TIFFANY BLUE to 25 on copper • GOLDFINGER to 10 on gold metal (with gold fills) • BLIZZARD to 10 silver metal • PEPPERMINT SWIRL to 10 on dyed black nickel (red and black) • CYAN SKY to 10 on copper (teals) • LEMON DROP to 10 on silver • ZEBRA to 10 on gold metal (elusive)