Q:  How can I get a hold of you?

A:  You can email me anytime at

Q:  What’s the best way to find out about your poster releases? I keep missing out.

A:  My prints are signed and numbered and can sell out very quickly.  The best way to get all the info is to join my mailing list or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  When I release a print it will be announced simulateneously on all three of these.  Due to email spam rules I highly recommend joining all three to make sure your bases are covered.

Here are the links: twitter + facebook + instagram

 Q:  When will I get my order and how is it packed?

A:  We typically ship within one week of the order.  There are times when we run faster or a little slower depending on my deadlines.  Kristie packs and ships, and she knows how to pack minty fresh prints.  We sleeve all prints in a poly-bag to prevent scratching and wrap them in kraft paper to prevent sliding.  We use Uline tubes as of 2016.  They have a wall thickness of .125 which is the thickest they offer.

 Q:  Why does shipping cost what it does?

I hate paying exorbitant shipping fees when I buy something so let's break down the shipping costs and figure this thing out! I buy sturdy Uline tubes which cost me $2.36 apiece. Every print is also protected in a poly-bag which costs .25 cents apiece plus the label and kraft paper to prevent sliding which costs .15 cents apiece.  I have the best success shipping with Priority Mail which usually takes 2-3 days to arrive if you’re in the US. The Priority rates vary from $8.15 - 10.15 depending on where you live in the US. So that puts my raw costs between $10.75 – $12.75. So in reality I’m actually losing money on shipping but I will try and keep the prices as low as I can for you all.

Q: I received my poster and it's damaged. What do I do?

Poster damage is extremely rare.  We take every precaution necessary to insure your print is not damaged.  If it does happen send me an email and let us know and we will replace it if possible. You will be responsible for shipping the poster back to us and we will refund your return shipping when the tube arrives back to us.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do! Please understand that international shipments may take a little bit longer to arrive.