Alabama Shakes - eclipse

$ 50.00

Before beginning work I will often keep a running list of broad subject matter I find interesting, evocative and worthy of illustrating.  The hope is that by taking the time to write the words out that my brain will begin to instinctively pair words together to start forming an idea.  If I stare at the list long enough it will start talking me and things will begin to make sense.  In this case the words 'eclipse' and 'aurora borealis' bumped up against one another and I recognized a similarity in appearance between the flames of nuclear fire that surround an eclipse and the glowing solar winds seen from the Northern Lights.  I've read that during solar totality animals fall silent and people weep.  The imagining here describes the feeling moments before a total eclipse.

 NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 4 screens (1 metallic) /// show edition numbered to 150 /// artist signed and numbered edition of 75 + 40 blue gold /// Show date was August 5, 2017 at Thompson's Point in Portland, ME