Sessanta - Puscifer, Perfect Circle, Primus

Every Sessanta poster features one artist's take on a three-headed monster. This tour features all three bands onstage at the same time, playing each other’s songs as one supergroup – all posters will have the same prompt to reinforce that concept.

I took a minute to really drink in the art direction and first considered making a three headed monster featuring the heads of some of the most iconic Universal Monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman. I envisioned the whole thing looking like a pulp noir poster. I wanted it to sort of feel like a Francesco Francavilla poster. I talked things through with my friend Seth, who I often bounce ideas off of and he suggested I inject a little humor into it. We discussed a three headed monster showcasing the heads of the Three Stooges as a secondary option. I thought that would show off the bands' sense of humor. Both ideas sort of ping-ponged back and forth in my mind until I dreamt up this fever dream of a beast. There's some Alex Grey influence in the eye and beam graphics and some Bali Barong mythology in the illustrations of the faces. An early version featured portraits of the Stooges but the band ultimately preferred 6 monsters to flank the beast left and right. In my 20 years doing this I mostly go by feel and I felt the whole thing needed to feel more face melting or mind altering. I thought of a John Milton quote that summarized what I hope the audience feels when looking at my art: “Come and trip it as ye go, On the light fantastick toe.”

24 x 36 – 7 color silkscreen – S/N artist edition of 55 on Stardream Quartz & 30 on Sparkle Foil – Numbered show edition of 300 (Quartz) and 75 (Sparkle Foil) were sold at the show - May 4th, 2024 at Forest Hills Stadium, New York - Art is dedicated to Alex Grey