Black Keys - Elk

Every time we fly over Arkansas Kristie and I make a point to look out the plane's window. We've always found the natural beauty of the southeast to be especially stunning. My college friends and I used to drive from East Texas to spend weekends in Arkansas and the landscape was as impressive in person as it was from above. While considering the beauty of nature I also took into account climate in 2022 with the changing skies and scorching white hot sun awakening all the insects and mammals in the area. The caught arrow represents the constant barrage of attacks on our planet. The arrow is shown to be bending but not breaking.
NOTES: 24 x 18 inches /// 9 screens /// 1-175 sold at show /// AP artist editions numbered 1-100 on pearlescent opal paper and 1-50 on psychedelic swirl foil  /// Show was October 13, 2022 in Rogers, AR.