4 left - BLACK - Meg White to 55 - Dice portrait

$ 55.00

These are an AP (artist edition of 15). Signed and numbered by me.

Last September my long time art friend Rob Jones called me with an interesting proposal: create Jack and Meg portraits using only dice. No other elements. We would establish values with different colored dice and the numbers on the actual die. The lightest places on the faces would use a white die with a 1 showing and the darkest values a black die with a 1 showing. I created a grid and arranged each die individually to shape the likenesses in a strange process that felt like some bizarro black math MC Escher experiment. The art is featured in the album packaging for The White Stripes Live in Las Vegas show from 2003 and I couldn't be prouder how the contrasting styles all came together in this one.


We decided to offer these in a very small run silkscreens. There are 55 each in red, black and white paper stocks. The red's are exclusive to me, the black's are exclusive to Third Man Records Vault and the white foil we split.


Please allow roughly 2 weeks for shipping. It's just Kristie and me packing and it sometimes takes us a minute. We always pack them with love for you all. Cheers.

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 3 screens /// RED (artist exclusive) signed and numbered artist edition of 55 on Stardream Jupiter red paper  /// WHITE (edition split between TMR and Slater) signed and numbered edition of 55 on white foil paper /// BLACK (TMR exclusive) signed and numbered artist edition of 55 on Stardream black paper /// Art is dedicated to Bob Dylan /// created in collaboration with Rob Jones