Luminous Beings Are We - Yoda

When I first watched the Mandalorian I knew I needed to illustrate this soulful character. So much so that I wanted to begin my series of Star Wars portraits with him. Kuiil, portrayed by Nick Nolte, acts as a gruff shepherd to Din Djarin, helping guide him in the beginning of the series, and as one of many protectors for The Child. The print is 12x12 inches and the idea here is that they will fit within standard smaller sized frames. Look for many more characters from the Star Wars universe in the coming years as I'm hoping the series lasts a long while.
NOTES: 12 x 12 inches /// 10 screens /// Artists signed & numbered editions are as follows: Sunset 30 • Rainbow 30 • Sparkle 40 • Iridescent 40 • Lava 50 /// The artwork is released in conjunction with Acme Archives, the official Star Wars licensee.