Norah Jones

$ 50.00

I haven't worked with Norah before and the email to create art for her Red Rocks gig came as a surprise to me.  Kristie and I actually danced to 'Come Away With Me' as the denouement in our wedding, making this gig an auto accept.  Many times I prefer to describe the image to mgmt versus sending a sketch that could 'lock me in' to a particular composition or elements.  The following is what I sent to Norah and crew:
The centerpiece is a night scene of a young deer asleep on a tree stump.  There are wildflowers surrounding and rock formations in the distance.  The stump shows a tree of considerable age.  Floating above the deer's head is a dream sequence.  I envision this being a long whoosh of color running above the deers head.  (Think of Jeremy Blake's art in the movie Punch Drunk Love. The moody abstract animations of rich saturated colors).  Any specific subject matter in the dream sequence feels wrong to me.  The color and overall energy just needs to feel right.  I like the play here between young life (deer) old age (tree) and dreams floating above.  To me, Norah's music has always felt misty, dreamy and melancholy.
NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 6 screens /// edition numbered to 1-240 (artist copies are S/N 1-60) /// lava foil & gold mirror signed and numbered to 25 /// Original show date was July 16, 2019 at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO