311 - Chameleon - red mirror to 50

I wanted to make a kaleidoscopic chameleon for awhile and 311 made sense symbolically. The band has made many changes in sound and has played in a diversity of styles throughout their nearly 30 years performing.  311 shifts in sound from Rock to Rap to Reggae to 90s Alternative and have proven to be one of the most adaptable bands to come out of the Alt 90s. The paper stock itself has an adaptive quality to it that changes under different lighting setups... if you view the chameleon at certain angles the paper will lighten making the chameleon appear inverted, and nearly invisible.  
NOTES: 24x18 inches /// 6 screens /// signed & numbered artist edition of 50 on red mirrored stock /// signed and numbered edition of 25 copies on copper & green & 20 on purple /// numbered edition of 211 sold at show /// show was on August 11, 2017 at Levitt Pavilion in Denver, Colorado