Avett Brothers NY

The Avett Brothers road show consists of four members, and visually I liked having the owls represent each one of them.  I leave it up to the viewer to note who Scott, Seth, Joe and Bob are.  The background is meant to parallel a family tree... I also thought it striking to blend the older mosaic approach with my more recent style.  The final rings around the borders are inspired by Celtic imagery… infinite knots specifically.  They are there to emphasize an unbreakable bond thru brotherhood and a touring family.  

NOTES: 18x24 inches /// 4 screens /// signed and numbered edition of 200 (51-200 sold at show & 1-50 sold by artist) /// signed and numbered radiant iridescent foil of 50 copies /// April 9, 2016 at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY

A few other notes about the print: I've been watching the animated film The Secret of Kells and drew some inspiration from their drawing style and the feel of the movie.  There's also an early version of this idea that's much darker utilizing crosses and wrought iron patterns instead of the tree and knots that I thought could work for a Black Sabbath print.  It ended up not being right for that project but I thought it was interesting to note the beginnings of ideas and the ebb and flow of an concept.

Also, the variant stock is called Brilliant Radiant Iridescent and is far and away my favorite paper.  I use it sparingly but it's really something else in person... the color and luminosity changes depending on your viewing angle.  If you get one let me know what you think of it in person.

Please note that there will be an art print version of this image (sans text) in the coming months with alternate elements and colors.
"The night has a thousand eyes, and the day but one." - F. Bourdillon