Avett Brothers - Solar System

Earlier in 2016 Avett mgmt expressed some prevailing themes in their newest record including a science fiction bent that struck me as being very unusual for a band often linked to the Americana music scene.  I sat on the information for a bit until I came up with what I think is a really interesting idea.  Essentially, in the print, each bird is a representation of a planet.  The largest one (far left) facing the birds is the sun and the tiny hummingbird (far right) is Pluto.  I've read in 2006 Pluto tendered its resignation as a planet but I'm refusing to accept that.  Each bird falls in order from their distance relative to the sun with a few clues in between revealing which is which.  Earth has its moon and Saturn has its rings.  I made a point to avoid obvious choices like making earth an eagle.  The colors have this huge split fountain gradient blend running left to right reflecting the warmth from being closest to the sun versus further away where the colors begin to cool.  The size is 12x36 inches (standard frame) and is an ideal size to sit above doorways, entrances and portals throughout your homes.
NOTES: 12x36 inches /// 4 screens /// numbered edition of 200 (51-200 sold at show & 1-50 sold by artist) /// signed and numbered foil edition of 50 copies