Black Keys 9

I recently read a passage from Eleanor Catton in which she describes how she listens to songs on repeat for days at a time. She describes it as both meditative and hypnotic and notes that it mirrors the way she puts sentences together. I relate to her process, and have been immersed in this new album for weeks. I came away with images of psychedelic blues, hypnotism, melancholy dark emotions and heartbreak. My hope was that I could distill the essence of the band's music with this hypnotic temptress. While creating the horns and moon I loosely followed the structure of a samurai helmet. The background pattern is a shiny clear varnish.

Special thanks to Mike Mitchell and Jason Edmiston for their advice on both pattern and facial proportions.

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 5 screens (2 metallic silver) /// signed and numbered edition of 250 (59-250 sold at show) /// variant edition of 50 copies on holofoil paper /// November 15, 2014 at Toyota Center in Houston, TX

"It is curious how, from time immemorial, man seems to have associated the idea of evil with beauty, shrunk from it with a sort of ghostly fear, while, at the same time drawn to it by force of its hypnotic attraction."
Richard Le Gallienne