Bonnaroo Festival 2

18 x 24 – 5 color silkscreen – S/N artist edition of 100 - Many of the festival posters I see lack something, and this print along with the Electric Forest were my attempt to change that. Typically, there is a big paragraph of names at the bottom of the print with little connection to the image. It just doesn't feel personalized. And for good reason because it's a nightmare to integrate this many band names into one image! The lineups for festivals are fluid, certain bands have to be larger than others and many times the list of names contractually has to be in a certain order. I worked this out beforehand with the nice folks at Superfly presents and we were able to get on the same page for this. I'm actually eager to try it again for another festival because I've refined my process. If there's one thing that I have as an artist, it is patience. 1000 of these were printed and sold out at the festival.