$ 30.00

I'm slowly refining my tee printing process and am now using discharge style printing in order to achieve very soft results.  You can see how the ink blends with the fabric versus sitting on top of the garment from the pics I've attached here.  It also allows me to increase the size of the graphic without feeling at all heavy while you're wearing it.  The second pic shows the graphic on a small tee.

My usual American Apparel tri blends didn't cut it in terms of capturing detail and too many of the blips and beeps were lost during the early tests on this one.  The heather fabric and blend has some tooth to it making the surface not as smooth as it needed to be.  This tee is printed on a black Bella Canvas tri blend tee.  I chose this one because the fabrication (50% poly, 25% cotton & 25% rayon) is the same specs as the AA tees.

Printing by friends at Industry Print Shop in Austin, TX