Corbomite Maneuver - Star Trek - Mondo

18 x 24 – 6 color silkscreen (5 metallics) – edition of 360 (red variant to 130) - Mondo has put together a large Star Trek series over the last year focusing on creating new artwork for the series most iconic episodes. I was drawn to the "Corbomite Maneuver" because of the graphic nature and epic scale of the spherical ship in it: the Fesarius. When I look at this print, it feels like something that would be hung in a chichi bachelor pad in the 70s; I like that.  

This style probably first took shape on the Close Encounters print for Mondo and I've been asked some questions about where it came from and what style I see it as. I've read: pixel, sprites and lite brite type art come up when describing these and they're kind of all true. To me, this style comes out of growing up in the 80s. It relates to video games, arcades, Saturday morning programming, movies like Tron and various toys I owned (like a Lite Brite or the game Crossfire come to mind). I think that style is a reaction to all of this. It's how I remember things looking and feeling back then.