Dave Matthews Band 2

When researching a band I will often read a number of reviews which is where I picked up on the mystique of producer Steve Lillywhite and his effect on Dave's music. Essentially, he produced some of the band's early work along with a bootleg in the early 2000s called the Lillywhite Sessions that gained a cult following amongst fans. He later reunited with the band to produce their most recent release and is sort of seen as a magic elixir of sorts in the recording studio not unlike Rick Rubin, Steve Albini or Ric Ocasek. For this reason I included a white lily as an homage to Lillywhite. 

I also wanted to touch on the amount of love songs the band writes. I choose to work with a jellyfish as subject matter because of the juxtaposition of its toxins and the purity of the white lily. Ultimately, I wanted the image to have a dreamy, ethereal, sweeping ballad type of feel.

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 5 screens (2 metallic silvers) /// signed and numbered artist edition of 56 /// numbered show edition of 755 sold at show /// September 6, 2014 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, CA