Descent into Heisenberg - Breaking Bad - G1988

Jensen from Gallery 1988 approached me about making this and I was thrilled to be involved. The moment we wanted to capture was from the episode called "crawl space". In it Gus is threatening to kill Walter's family while Skyler has inexplicably given Ted a large amount of their fortune. When Walt realizes the money is gone he suffers a massive breakdown beneath the floorboards of their home. The inspiration was Walt's transformation from caring teacher to maniacal madman. I sort of see him as classic villain like the Joker or Skeletor or even Jack Nicholson in The Shining. That laughter he has beneath the floorboards is EVIL man. The coloring is meant to look like hell... or death... probably both. The orange shadowing from the light is coffin shaped foreshadowing Walt's impending doom.

I saw this print is featured on the set of AMC's Talking Bad.

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 5 screens (1 transparent for shadow) /// signed and numbered edition of 300 (250 sold on breakinggifs website) /// officially licensed thru AMC and Gallery 1988