Birth of a Phoenix

Please note that this is for both prints shown above :)

Birth of a Phoenix circa 2011. Originally, this art was used as a set of prints for Thirty Second to Mars shows in Dusseldorf and the Roseland Ballroom in NY. I viewed the images as part of a cycle showing different stages in the mythology of a Phoenix. These two were meant to show the beginning stages of the process. The 2 prints were printed on one large sheet of paper with a sweeping color blend linking the two together. There's also a subtle transparent layer of ash and stars raining down in the backgrounds.

I added copies to There's a yellow color variant numbered to 12 copies also up. As a bonus the first 20 people to buy the set of art prints will get a free print 30STM poster for the NY show. I only received copies for the that show and they arrived with some light damage to the edges. Please note it is a smaller, glossy offset print on thin paper.

NOTES: roughly 35 x 23.75 inches for both  /// 4 screens /// signed and numbered edition of 100