I Don't Want The World, I Just Want Your Half

"I Don't Want The World, I Just Want Your Half" is the official title of the blind white tiger art prints. This titling is actually visible on the print as an under print if you look closely. What was really going thru my head months ago when making this was all the happenings related to the Dentist and the Lion. Big Game Hunting seems to have a real fascination with killing the most beautiful animal possible be it lion, elephant, rhino or tiger. I usually steer clear of events that date my work to a specific period in time but felt compelled in this case to honor my thoughts and decided to hang a lone tooth atop the print as a reminder.  

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 7 screens (1 metallic) /// signed numbered edition of 100 /// signed and numbered black edition of 25 /// title credit: Lisa Klapp & TMBG