Judd Apatow - G1988

$ 50.00

18 x 22 inches /// 4 screens /// S/N edition of 100 - This print was commissioned for Gallery 1988's Judd Apatow themed show in November. Judd actually hosted this thing and I admit I was a bit nervous to make this one. The art references a well known quote from Anchorman in which Will Ferrell's character claims that San Diego is German for a whale's vagina. If you know the scene I'm referencing you may notice that the whales appear to be extra lecherous and that the heart shape they're making may represent something else. I added a few other clues to my intentions with the compass pointing due south and the motion of the ocean. My hope was that this would pass as some weird travel poster for San Diego and after featuring this print on my table during Flatstock I can say my wish came true. I stopped a mother that wanted one for her nursery but did let a random San Diegan (San Deig-on?) who'd made the trip to Austin for SXSW buy one. These are also printed on a fancy Arches hand-torn deckled edge cotton paper. This is the same stuff that many of the prints in MOMA's catalog are printed on. It's subtle, but the joke just seemed funnier on this stock to me.