Like Caine Roaming The Earth

18 x 24 inches /// 5 screens /// S/N edition of 100 (30 on holofoil) - The title of the print came from a conversation that Sam Jackson and John Travolta had in Pulp Fiction. Sam Jackson's character expresses that he is going to "just walk the earth", like Caine did in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a TV show from the 70s featuring David Carradine as a Shaolin monk traveling the earth in search of his half-brother. The polar bear in my print is doing much of the same. He's navigating the obstacles in search of whatever his half-brother might be. 

I typically get my best work done late at night, there's a feeling of isolation I like when everyone else is asleep and the phone is silent. I think a polar bear made some sense to me because of their usual remote location in the Arctic Circle. This print was done over the course of a month in between jobs. More to come soon.