Pacific Rim

$ 75.00

This was a difficult print to make because I wasn't allowed to see the film beforehand. Fortunately, I was given access to some unseen footage and a folder full of detailed reference materials from WB & Legendary. When I first began seeing the early images for Pacific Rim I was immediately struck but the scale of the Jaeger’s versus the humans. These pictures served as a reminder of how fragile human life is and I decided to create my image around this thought. There's a tenderness to Guillermo's spanish films that I wanted this print to touch on. I wanted to depict these giant machines as the protectors of humanity from the mysterious beasts that emerged beneath the ocean.

NOTES: 24 x 36 inches /// 10 screens (with a metallic keyline layer) /// signed and numbered edition of 175 (AP edition of 75) /// holofoil variant to 75 (AP edition of 25) /// officially licensed thru Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures and commissioned by