ICE - Pregnant Rhino enamel pin

$ 35.00

This was based on my DMB Madison Square Garden art. It was redrawn and simplified for enamel pin design. The art is a tribute to anyone who gave birth during the pandemic! This one is 3.5 inches wide and sits smaller than the 5 inch pins I left off creating.

NOTES: 3.5 inches wide /// soft enamel with glitter fills and various metals /// backside features double posts with rubber clutches and signature with logo mark /// printed with friends at Alchemy /// band editions are as follows: MOSAIC to 250 on anodized metal • LION KING to 250 on black nickel • MSG to 250 on black nickel • FLAME to 250 on black nickel • DENVER to 250 on black nickel /// ICE to 100 on silver • RAINBOW to 100 on black nickel /// the editions of 250 are sold on DMB's website and on the road at shows. The two editions of 100 are exclusive to me. 1450 total pins produced.