Primus - MSG

This was one of the stranger bills I've seen.  The show is headlined by Slayer with both Primus and Ministry performing in support.  It was advertised as Slayer's 'Final Campaign' and is also Primus's first time playing The Garden.  Only Primus's name could be included on the print but I wanted to be mindful of who was actually in attendance that night.  I've made art for both Slayer and Ministry eons ago in 2004-05 and have alot of respect for those guys.  The other thing that I had to consider in an interesting way was the city and venue.  One of my favorite NYC gigposters to come out in recent years is Rob Jones Jack White from 2015.  The art features a sleeping baby ape in the eye of giant skull.  For me, it tied King Kong as an inextricable symbol of the city.  The giant ape skull in the background of my print is meant to reference King Kong.  There's also an RKO logo over the I in Primus as an another nod to the King.  Considering it's Slayer's final tour I like to think of this image as a 'king is dead' type deal.  The young trio of boar/pigs are a representation of Primus who now stand to inherit the earth.
NOTES: 24 x 18 inches /// 5 screens /// edition numbered to 1-200 (artist copies are AP S/N 1-50) /// rainbow foil signed and numbered to 35 /// Original show date was November 9, 2019 at Madison Square Garden, NYC