Ring of Fire - lava

This one was originally a gig poster for a Florida show and the idea began from some back forths with the band's art director.  He actually suggested that a Marlin be the centerpiece of the print knowing the symbolism of the fish to the region.  I decided the Marlin should be orbiting dangerously close to the sun to highlight some of the environmental tension all life faces going forward.  The ring of fire around the bill is a a look into the periphery of the universe, likely a portal and possibly an escape.  

 NOTES: 16 x 12 inches /// 7 screens  /// signed and numbered editions of 90 (lava foil) 60 (sparkle foil) 60 (rainbow foil) /// signed and numbered editions of 13 (opal) 13 (gold mirror) 9 (ancient copper) /// please note the rainbow foil is actually an edition of 30, 31-60 do not exist