Robocop - Mondo

24 x 36 - 6 color silkscreen - edition of 330 - I showed this image around to people close to me when I finished it and found a strong division on whether it was working or not. The best way I could find to describe it was comparing the viewing experience to listening to a band like Sonic Youth who to me sounds like a symphony of noise and for others sounds like, well, noise. When I presented this idea to Mondo I told them that I hoped the image would have some elements of a computer glitch or malfunction in it. The longer I worked on this image the more my obsessive nature as an artist comes out in the final result which I think helped the whole glitch thing take shape. I decided the way I would reinterpret an iconic character like Robocop was to think abstractly about the chaos that surrounded his construction. The actual Robocop layer is made to look a bit like a circuit board while the red pieces above him represent lines of computer coding. I thought about what Detroit looked like in the film and sampled the reds and blues from the blurred headlights of squad cars as the foundation of the color in the image. All of the poster credits are hidden within the coding in order to make the image feel more connected.

As a bonus to Mondo buyers we printed 25 on holofoil paper that were inserted into tubes. I will have three that I will be giving away randomly to people who are buying this from me. You will get whichever version of Robocop you order along with the holofoil print. If you get one I'd appreciate you posting it somewhere online so people know I'm giving them away.