Strange Attraction 2

These prints debuted at MondoCon and were made using a very unique printing process thru a group called Studio On Fire out of Minneapolis. I became aware of their printing capabilities thru projects that Mitch Putnam and Aaron Horkey worked on together. They offer a number of services but the one that really spoke to me uses heated foil and pressure to create impressions onto paper. There are 3 colors in the print, each of which requires a separate copper plate. The heated foil is then stamped into the paper one color at a time. When I really delved into the process and what was needed to make it work I began to realize that much of my art would translate really well to this particular medium. Specifically, the fact that the elements in my image float without any key line layer to lock everything in together (it isn't ideal for the different foil colors to overlap each other). I'm told this is the largest foil print they've done to date. The results in person are dynamic… they all have this refractive, metallic mirrored feel to them. It's something you haven't seen from me in years past and I think you all will be pleased. I've attached some pics here of the print along with the actual copper plates used to produce the print.

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 3 copperplates /// signed & numbered edition of 125 in both color ways + overrun from Studio On Fire /// debuted at MondoCon 2 in Austin, TX /// Please note that these will be shipped in a larger tube (4-5 inches wide).