Strange Attraction 3 - cerulean

Foil stamping is somewhat similar to letterpress and engraving, in that the color is applied to paper with pressure. Once the design is finalized, copper plates are created in the appropriate shape for each individual color foil to be applied for a particular design. The dies are heated and then stamped with enough pressure to seal a thin layer of foil to the paper, and each color is applied individually through multiple runs of the press to create the final design which is similar to silkscreening in this regard. These prints were made thru a printing group called Studio On Fire out of Minneapolis. When I really delved into the process and what was needed to make it work I began to realize that much of my art would translate really well to this particular medium. Specifically, the fact that the elements in my image float without any key line layer to lock everything in together (it isn't ideal for the different foil colors to overlap each other). I'm told this is the largest foil print they've done to date. The results in person are dynamic… they all have this refractive, metallic mirrored feel to them like Strange Attraction 2. I've attached some pics here of the print along with one of the actual copper plates used to produce the print.

A few other notes about the actual imagery: I've been watching the animated film The Secret of Kells and drew some inspiration from their drawing style and the feel of the movie.  The background is meant to parallel a family tree... I also thought it striking to blend my older mosaic approach with my more recent style.  The rings around the borders are inspired by Celtic imagery… infinite knots specifically.  They are there to emphasize an unbreakable bond thru family.
NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 3 copperplates /// signed & numbered edition of 200 in both color ways /// 5 test prints in each color way done on heavyweight white paper stock will be randomly inserted into orders.