Strange Attraction 4 - sapphire blue

Keeping the Strange Attraction series going is meaningful to me and I felt like switching the format to landscape would let me focus on the feathers and plumage; it ultimately allowed me to make a different looking creature.  The butterflies have morphed into bats, the feathers have grown eyes and a number of other new faces indigenous to the Texas landscape make their first appearance.  One of my obsessions is ordering new paper stocks in an attempt to pair the art with the right pulp.  I discovered a stock called Sirio ULTRA Black that is a new favorite.  It sounds odd but not all black paper is actually black and this particular brand offers a stronger resistance to light than any others I've seen.  When paired with the shimmering foils it makes a powerful statement.

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 3 copperplates /// signed & numbered edition
of 200 in both color ways /// 1 of 1 test strike plates will be randomly inserted into orders.