Tegan & Sara

$ 50.00

This was one I wanted to make and I approached T+S about the project. The idea is that the band has grown over the years and have now spread their wings and turned their sound into something new. The bird's tail morphs from feather to braid and finally into a subtle version of T&S's profiles on the left and right of the page. The braid itself is a reference to childhood, innocence and the idea that the two have grown up together. Visually, I liked the feeling of duality in the image and also the look of the intertwined braid. The roots/lightning in the background serve as stylized texture that also represent growth.

The print is also dedicated to my friend Craig who really turned me on to the band's sound years ago.

NOTES: 24 x 18 inches /// 4 screens (1 metallic) /// signed and numbered edition of 125 (5-70 sold at show) /// radiant iridescent variant to 20 /// September 13, 2013 at my favorite venue in the world: Stubbs in Austin, TX