Tenacious D - 2

18 x 24 - 3 color silkscreen - edition of 200 - I got an email from my friend Bill who runs Kung Fu Nation (they handle merch for a number of bands) who have been working with Tenacious D on their current tour. His email said: Would you be able to make a poster happen for the 2 NYC shows? I sent the guys links for a list of different artists and the response I received from Jack Black was "I like Todd Slater". I don't always get to hear what the artists think of my work but I was happy that Jables approves. The illustration references their album title: Rize of the Fenix and I'm particularly proud of the placement of JB and Kyle's mouths in relation to the Phoenix. It kind of serves as yin and yang to the phallic album art. The printing of the color blends on this one are very beautiful in person.