The Cure - Klimt Lovecats

This is for the artist copies of the blue variant sold on the Cure's website. My edition is 
signed and numbered to 52.
What's interesting about this Cure gig was just how involved and thoughtful Robert Smith was with his responses to me on the art. I had this instinct that Gustav Klimt's art would fit well with Robert's words and I decided to pair that style with a love cats themed print. I was initially assigned the Atlanta, Georgia date but Robert wanted the art to represent the Santa Fe show. He made this call after seeing and responding to the color pallet in my sketch. Something about the dusty coppers and sepia tones felt right for that region. I've been making concert posters professionally for 20 years now and the only artist who regularly comments on the art I submit is Jack White. And now Robert Smith. The collaboration was everything the teenage me could have hoped for.

The Cure has also had an influence on my personal art. I have a series of peacocks I've illustrated that I titled: "Strange Attraction" after the track on Wild Mood Swings. I have also titled another piece of art: "Fantastic Divine and Thrillingly Bright" after the track 'Club America' on Wild Mood Swings. I was 16 when that record came out and I absolutely adore it to this day. I know it doesn't make a lot of Cure top albums list but it's an important record in my life.

Please allow roughly 2 weeks for shipping. It's just Kristie and me packing and it sometimes takes us a minute. We always pack them with love for you all. Cheers.


NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 10 screens /// signed and numbered artist edition of 200 on Stardream Gold paper  /// numbered show copies are printed with 4 colors in CMYK on white paper /// May 16, 2023 at Isleta Amphitheater in Albuquerque, NM /// Art is dedicated to Gustav Klimt /// artists copies of the blue color way sold on the Cure's website will be available at a later date