The Dark Passenger

18 x 24 – 6 color silkscreen – edition of 125 (sparkle variant to 30) - This print was commissioned for the first Bottleneck Gallery show entitled: More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired by Premium Cable.  This idea started off being titled "Slice of Life" and included Dexter's infamous boat above a stormy sky.  I realized midway thru that the real idea here was the Dexter character as the dark side of the moon looking out over all of Miami.  The light and dark of the moon represent the two sides of his personality: the white is the pristine character that Dexter projects in public; the one everyone sees.  The dark side, which represents much more of who he is, is hidden from plain site but visible to those who look closer.  To the left and right of the moon are two dark angels (printed in a shiny black varnish).  The one on the dark side whispers destruction while the one on the light side hushes Dexter and preaches tranquilty.