The Fountain - Mondo

24 x 35 – 6 color silkscreen – S/N edition of 150 (variant with blue inks to 50) - I approached Mondo about doing a print for The Fountain about a year ago but the timing wasn't right and my idea was just too big in retrospect. Initially, I had wanted to make a triptych focusing on the past, present and future timelines in the film. When the gallery opened the guys from Mondo asked if I wanted to revisit the idea and much in the way Aronofksy shortened his original script I condensed my ideas into one image that would represent the themes in the film. The sword and the fully blooming tree appear in the past while the space bubble and dying star appear in the future. The flames from the Mayan sword fall directly on top of the living tree as a segway into the future when the tree is dying.

This print was made as part of Mondo's Gallery opening show in Austin. The opening of the show was epic and was probably the biggest art specatacle that I've been a part of to date.