Thrasher Wheat - copper to 11

For me, there is no other animal that so dramatically symbolizes the West like a bison. I was surprised when I looked back thru my work that I'd only used the animal once before on a Neil Young print from 2011.  My thought is that a lone bison has a weight, a gravity and a history unlike anything else I can think of.

I've been experimenting lately with elaborate under printing textures that can be seen and are slightly raised thru the black ink on the surface of the print.  Have a look in person.  Also of note: I took some stylistic inspiration from Majora's Mask for the tribal feeling corner elements.

NOTES: 12x16 inches /// 3 screens /// signed and numbered edition of 100 on radiant iridescent paper /// S/N mirrored paper editions of: Red to 22, Green to 10, Blue to 10 (Slater Facebook group exclusive), Copper to 11 (MondoCon 2016 exclusive)