Ween - Las Vegas

The art is about the trip through the desert into the heart of Las Vegas. The journey into the city can be the most evocative part if driving. It must have something to do with Hunter Thompson's work. I can never seem to separate the city from the writer. I made notes of things I hoped to see wandering through the desert and in the vast open sky at night. I let my stream of conscious flow and wrote down things like: marvelous clouds, iridescent jellyfish, pets of yesteryear, Boognish Kermit, Prince in the haze, kind weasels, Kari Lake melting, a vortex in the sky, gonzo, a floating pirate ship, a birdie projectile vomiting pasta, a sexy scorpion, peach pie, cake, donuts, ruby red coral, a gnome caught in a rainstorm, a rabbit with an eyepatch and various other bits of ephemera that have lodged into my brain throughout all the years listening to my favorite band. A few of these made it into the final art. Wishing all attending the shows a warm embrace and a kind hello from me. Cheers.


NOTES: 36 x 24 inches /// 10 screens /// 250 numbered cut sold each night at show (no foils at show) /// AP artist uncut editions numbered 1-75 on metallic gold paper and 1-50 on sparkle foil /// Show was March 16-18, 2023 at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV