Widespread Panic 3

Typically, I don't put much focus on the venue and location for a gigposter but Red Rocks is an exception, and the natural landscape of the amphitheater ended up shaping the imagery. People are drawn to Red Rocks like moths are to light. The centerpiece shows moths entering and exiting the sun in a kind of rebirth cycle. It's interesting that a moth is attracted to something that could lead to it's untimely demise. As the moths leave the sun and venture back into the unknown they are faced with two outcomes: the lightness above (lion) and the darkness seen left and right (black panther). The corner pieces are abstracted versions of the actual seating arrangement and rock formations on site (pic attached).

NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 4 screens (2 metallic) /// numbered edition of 1025 (sold at show) /// artist editions signed and numbered: foil to 50 copies & maroon background to 100 copies /// black background version on white paper to 75 copies given to mgmt & randomly inserted into orders (not for sale, please do not ask, thank you) /// June 27-29, 2014 at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO