Widespread Panic - ATX

20 random orders will receive either a exclusive coin or koozie from the event.
This was actually the first gig poster I completed post pandemic. I was inspired by a doc on Apple TV called: The Year the Earth Changed which chronicled the impact on nature during the period of the global lockdown. The film specifically notes how animals thrived during that year with minimal impact from human interference (traffic, noise pollution, and travel). I wanted to present nature's growth with one large tree which I modeled off a Baobab tree. The approaching lumberjack is representation of both man and a signal that world is beginning to return to 'normal'.
NOTES: 18 x 24 inches /// 10 screens /// show edition numbered 1-300 & artists copies are signed and numbered 1-100 with foil variants numbered to 40 respectively  /// Original show date was August 13,14,15, 2021 at ACL Live in Austin, TX