Black Keys - Houston

$ 50.00

A few months before the show date I was in an Ikea parking lot and observed a pair of wild boars rampaging thru litter and debris left from patrons of the Swedish juggnernaught. It was both thrilling and totally savage. Texas has wild boars in spades, in fact half the species resides here.  They are these invasive, destructive and sometimes dangerous beings that despite people's better efforts, continue to not only survive but grow in size.  The art pays homage to them, and draws a comparison to the rise of the unlikely duo from Akron, Ohio.  I've seen them perform in venues of less than 1000 people and to see their sound grow to fit arenas in a climate where rock has fallen out of favor is something I couldn't have predicted.  
NOTES: 24 x 18 inches /// 5 screens /// edition numbered to 1-200 (artist copies are AP S/N 1-100) /// rainbow foil signed and numbered to 50 /// Original show date was November 12, 2019 at Toyota Center in Houston, TX