Dark Crystal - mondo

Dark Crystal was one of the first children's movies to really scare me.  There's something about the puppetry and the terror of the Skeksis that felt palpable, visceral and real.  For me, Henson's imagination is unparalleled and his films (Labyrinth and Dark Crystal) have stood the test of time as my favorites from childhood along with Star Wars and Neverending Story.  The art took about a month and half to draw over January and February of 2019.  It's difficult to photograph but I'm really starting to push the boundaries of under printing and painterly textures in the color separations.
NOTES: 18 x 36 inches /// 6 screens /// edition numbered to 1-275 (artist copies are AP S/N 1-50 & 1-35 variant) /// these first debuted at MondoCon 2019