Jack White - moon

This was created right around the time I received the liner notes for Jack's newest album, 'Entering Heaven Alive'. It also marks the first time I've worked with Jack without Rob Jones art directing the picture which was strange! We found our footing though and I tried to pay homage to the title of the record and and idea of isolation which is a persistent theme (I feel) in Jack's art. Once I sketched a house atop a mountain I started to feel a Far East inspiration creeping into the art. I ended up leaning into this and using techniques related to traditional Japanese woodblocks. This is particularly evident in the stylization of the moon. The orientation of the vertical text is also a nod to this style along with the sunburst clear varnish layer. If you look very closely at the surface you will also see a hidden zebra pattern that runs underneath all of the layers. Some studies believe a zebra's stripes mimic the wavy blades of grass in order to hide from predators. My thought in printing a zebra pattern was to camouflage the entirety of the image.
NOTES: 24 x 18 inches /// 5 screens /// artist editions numbered 1-75 on pearlescent opal paper and 1-65 on lunar ripple foil  /// Show was August 25, 2022 in Charlotte, NC.